Looking for professional results?
Let me customize a skincare regime that caters to your needs and skin type.

 DMK facials work best when done in a series.  To achieve optimum results purchasing DMK products are highly advised to maintain your at home regimen in between facial appts. 





All facials include consultation, examination, cleansing, exfoliation, extractions*, facial massage and mask. Followed by a hand treatment, an arm and hand massage* and neck massage. 60 min. (*Not included in Mini Glow facial) 

DMK SIGNATURE ENZYME THERAPY FACIAL -DMK is the only company in the world to utilize the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes. Enzymes are living substances that regulate health and work with certain minerals in the body to form a natural system of antioxidants that fight corrosive free radicals. Enzyme Therapy treatments improve the skin’s ability to function by dissolving dead cells and impurities trapped within the skin. This in turn restores vital cellular nutrition and oxygenation, required for cellular regeneration. Enzyme therapy stimulates collagen production, restoring structural integrity back to the skin. It is suitable for a wide range of conditions such as aging skin, sun damage, acne, rosacea, and pigmentation.

Price per facial  $125      90 min.

Series of 4  $460 (save $20)

Series of 6  $680 (save $40)

Series of 8  $900 (save $60)

RADIANCE - A Glow classic facial that restores your skin back to its natural state... hydrated and happy! $85 For all skin types (Package of 5 $350)

‘GLO’COLIC - With the use of pumpkin and orange enzymes and glycolic acid this amazing facial works to exfoliate, regenerate and re-energize lackluster skin. Packed with vitamins A & C that dissolve dead skin, exfoliates and reduces oil. $90  Great for acne prone or dry, aging skin (Package of 5 $400)

VIBRANT-C - This vitamin C packed facial uses lemon enzymes, arbutin, lactic, glycolic and kojic acids and an antioxidant rich mask helps protect and brighten every cell in your skin. Promotes deep hydration and protects against environmental damage $105   Great for pigmented, sun damaged skin (Package of 5 $475)

BAC’NE FACIAL - Why should your face get all the attention? Treat your back to a facial too. $65   All ages and skin types

*MINI GLOW - This 35 minute facial is perfect for those that want a fresh face look in half the time. No extractions included in this facial guarantee perfect skin for the night out on the town or going back to work. $55 

Facials are best when booked 4-6 weeks apart unless when purchased in a series to treat a specific skin problem.                  






Peels do an excellent job of increasing cellular turnover to stimulate removal of dead skin cells and encourage new cell growth, this in turn helps to reduce fine lines, treat acne, improve mild scarring and reduce age spots. All peels are customized to your specific needs and skin type. 


Very little to heavy peeling may occur over 3-4 days...similar to a peel from a sunburn. Most treatments require post care to accelerate healing and enhance results. 

Price per peel $110 (The first time...includes after care take home products)   

 $95 per peel thereafter   45 min

Series of 4 $340* (save $40)

Series of 6 $500* (save $70)

Most effective when done in a series 2-3 weeks apart

Post Peel Facial

Post care after any deep peel or treatment is essential. Proper cell renewal, wound repair, and reduced skin irritation is the goal. This Post Peel Treatment inspires healthy DNA and enhances cell growth, providing skin with natural healing elements. This post treatment is only provided to clients who have received a  peel or treatment from Glow Facials & Waxing within 2 weeks.  $65

GIFT CERTIFICATES  What makes the perfect gift for a birthday, Mother's Day, or wedding gift? The gift of beauty!  Show you care with a gift certificate that can be used on all services in any combination or denomination.